Dues renewal is due 1 July … contact Dan (Doc Holiday)…

MAIN Point Of Contact:
Dan (Doc Holiday):
(810) 441-6926

Attention Independent Members of M.C.O.C., We are updating our contact list.
(those who wish to join MCOC as independent members, fill out the form below and send form and funds to the address below)

In January of 2020 we sent out flyers to All Independent Members. If you did not receive one of our renewal flyers and wish to continue membership with the M.C.O.C., you can request one by email at or click on the image, print out an Independent Membership Renewal Form, fill out the form and send the completed form and payment by check ($20.00 yearly or save $10 and use the $50.00 for 3 years) to:

M.I.C.O.C – Independent Members
Metamora, MI, 48455 -0007

By filling out this form and mailing it to Danny, you should receive the latest minuets of the meetings and any future event notices bimonthly.

OR just bring the completed form and funds to the next bi-monthly meeting.

After membership is granted, available for purchase are the following decals, small patch, and one-piece back patch are available at the bi-annual meetings.

$10.00 each – indicate which you would like
black on clear or
white on clear
One-piece back patch
11 inches by nine inches – $35.00 each
small patch
(approx. 3″ wide x 2.75″ tall)
$10.00 each

Thank you for being a valued member of the Michigan Confederation of Clubs.